Settling In

Well hello, stranger

The world doesn’t need another blog. Nevertheless, here’s mine.

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4 Responses to Settling In

  1. Rita says:

    Love your blog….and what a lovely cat.

    Fellow Lava collector.


    • lavalotti says:

      Hi Rita, many thanks for your comment and for visiting the blog, I really appreciate it! How long have you been collecting? Are you a member of the Pottery and Glass forum yet? It’s great to know there are other collectors out there. Oh, and the cat’s name is Poppy, she’s a former stray we rescued a month ago. Our other cat, Womble, hasn’t appeared on the blog yet, but I’m sure a post featuring him can’t be far away ­čśë

  2. ann says:

    That’s what I thought too and then I started one anyway…. I have just read yours from top to toe or front to back. Great. Had never heard of Lava and now I have… and never been to your corner of Germany and now I have. I’ve even been in your living room – that sounds odd but you know what I mean… glad you can visit Auckland via me… come back when the rain stops – we’re having a wet week or two (again)…. Thanks for having me, I’ll be back. Ann x

  3. lavalotti says:

    Hi Ann, thanks so much for stopping by! I know, this blogging thing does seem to make the world a smaller place somehow. The weather here isn’t great either, I want my summer back.

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