Embracing orange

I find that one of the most pleasing ways of displaying West-German pottery is in groups, especially groupings with a certain colour theme. Anyone with an interest in German ceramics from the 60s-70s will soon encounter the striking orange glazes favoured at that time, often in combination with brown (a pairing that was also popular in textiles of the period, wall colours, etc.) While you won’t find me painting any walls in our apartment orange any time soon, I do love the way it pops against an otherwise neutral background.

Tallest and second tallest vases are Scheurich.

A little orange can go a long way towards cheering me up on a drab Monday morning.

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One Response to Embracing orange

  1. littleowlski says:

    Lovely huuuge one at the back! We have a smaller one with a similar glaze, but with drips of blue in it as well: http://littleowlski.wordpress.com/2009/12/29/another-quick-catch-up/ Actually, looking at it they’re not *that* similar but both Scheurich so… Emma 🙂

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