Designs that work: Componibili storage units

Although our apartment isn’t small by German standards (we have about 105 square meters, although I believe the balcony is included in that total), the layout of our bedroom is narrow and awkward. We have limited options for furniture placement in there, the space can quickly look crammed and cluttered, and everything in it needs to be as functional and multi-tasking as possible.

Our bed is a second-hand minimalist number from the early 90s; minimalist in that it does not have a head board and the inbuilt slide-out drawers hidden on both the left and right side are intended to eliminate the need for bedside tables. The idea is a good one, but unfortunately neither I nor my husband are minimalists by nature. We’re stacks-of-magazines-and-Sudoku-booklets type of people, not to mention the kind of people who drink coffee in bed on a Sunday morning. I had spent years searching for an attractive and reasonably priced bedside table solution, but everything I found was either too high for our low bed, too expensive, too rustic, only had an open storage shelf for bedside clutter (I want that stuff within reach but not visible), too ugly…yeah, I’m a bit obsessive that way.

The solution came in the form of the smallest available Componibili storage unit: low enough, two tiers with sliding doors to keep our things handy but hidden, a reasonable match for the style of our bed, a quiet design that can be integrated easily, and at a price that I don’t consider cheap but actually not much more than some of IKEA’s nicer bedside table offerings.

You'd be amazed at how much stuff you can cram into one of these. And there's even room for a random decorative sheep and a reading light on top.

Now, how do I hide the lamp cables sticking out in the back?

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4 Responses to Designs that work: Componibili storage units

  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks for stopping by MCM. I enjoyed reading your posts. Your home is really lovely. I love that everything in your living room has a story. I wish I could say my furnishings were handed down but sadly, all the cool things I remember as a kid are long gone. Lucky for me, we have some pretty great thrift stores in our area and people are not so much into Danish Modern so the prices are very reasonable. By the way, I beg to differ with you regarding your photography skills. Your photos are beautiful!

  2. lavalotti says:

    Hi there, thanks so much! It sounds like you have an ideal thrifting situation where you live; I am always awed by the great finds you feature on your blog. Over here Danish Modern furniture is not that easy to find in thrift stores, people seem to go straight to ebay with the things they want to get rid of, and oftentimes competition for the nicer pieces is steep and the prices end up going quite high. And some things (like Eames chairs) are very difficult to find at all. You made my day by complimenting my photos, it currently takes me about 10 tries per picture to get a decent one that isn’t blurry, too dark, etc.

  3. Fat Cat says:

    I agree, Componibilis are great for holding all sorts of stuff. I have one in the bathroom for all the bits and bobs that tend to accumulate there… As for bedside tables, I am thinking about getting some Tomado shelves – wall mounted – which should make hoovering easier. Although concealing the cables just that much harder…

    • lavalotti says:

      Hi Fat Cat, I have been thinking of getting one of the taller, 3 “drawer” Componibilis for our bathroom too! They make them in square (with rounded edges) as well, and they also sell little casters for them which would make cleaning under it much easier. Problem is, once you’ve added all those components together they are quite pricey in the larger sizes. Might have to save up for one though, our current bathroom storage situation is atrocious.

      Love the Tomado shelves. Wish I could give you some advice on hiding cables, but I’m at a total loss there. IKEA sells various cable sorters but none of them seem to properly hide them, at least not without attaching them to the back of furniture in some way.

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