Kauri School Desk

One of the stranger pieces of furniture in our home is a vintage school desk from my husband’s former boy’s grammar school in New Zealand. When the school refurbished its classrooms a few years ago, they offered the desks to alumni as a bit of memorabilia from their time at school. The desk is made of beautiful solid Kauri wood and looks like the kind of thing you’d expect to see in an old episode of Little House on the Prairie.

As you can see, the desk and folding seat are one unit. My husband actually sat at desks just like this one until he graduated from school in 1992. He claims they were actually quite comfortable. It definitely needs some love. Many years of use and abuse have left their marks, but some I don’t want to eradicate in the restoration process…

Straight outta New Zealand!

The moment one discovers mirror writing can be such a revelation. FUEL?

And some marks are still being left.

Sometimes you’ve just got to make space for quirky things, especially when they have made a long voyage all the way from the other side of the world to get to you. The little Kauri desk currently lives in our hallway and serves as a catch-all for bags and keys. Our plan is to remove the black paint on the table top, which was obviously added later to cover up earlier generations’ musings. We’ll need to strip it carefully though, because we want to preserve as much of the carved graffiti as possible.  I’d tell you more, but I’ve got to go do my homework.

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2 Responses to Kauri School Desk

  1. Patient Husband in tow says:

    Believe it or not, those desks really were quite comfortable to sit at. The only thing I didn’t like was that you couldn’t tip back on your chair. Some of the desks in that style still had the original ink wells, which shows how old they must have been. Unfortunately, ours no longer has that – unless it’s just been filled in. I guess we’ll find out when we strip the paint back. I always enjoyed trying to decipher the grafiti and work out hold it was. And now I enjoy having it in the hallway. Brings back lots of memories, most of them good.

  2. Patient Husband in tow says:

    Oops, hold should have read how old. Proof-reading skills not what they ought to be.

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