Kitchen shelves

Judging by the kitchens featured in various shelter magazines, the trend for open kitchen shelving is still going strong. As I’m wary of drilling too many holes into the walls here (we rent) I only dipped my toe in and revamped two cheap pine shelves that my husband still had from the apartment he lived in before we got married. A bit of sanding and two coats of white stain later and they looked pretty cute. The cost, skill, and time involved is so minimal that I’d be prepared to do more of these if we ever buy our own place and decide that large-scale open shelving is where it’s at.

Top shelf currently houses my favorite tea pot and a little West-German pottery vase. On the bottom shelf you can see my one and only Maribowl, a Dala horse I've had since childhood, and a tiny Jasba vase.

The top arrangement is not my most accomplished ever, but it doesn’t matter because I’m always fussing with it and changing it anyway. How do people with open shelving all along their kitchen walls prevent themselves from constantly rearranging their displays? And do they spend hours dusting all the individual plates and pots and whatnot? Probably.

The kitchen shelves allowed us to get more use out of what is actually quite an awkward little corner (the freezer doesn’t fit in anywhere else due to the electrical socket situation.) The vintage bread bin was a recent flea market find (7 EUR) which I spent an entire afternoon scrubbing to get the buildup of ancient dust and grime off of. Our potato/onion bin is looking a bit worn, but it does keep our potato supply fresher for much longer.

The one thing that is a bit distorted on these images is the colour of the walls: they’re not white, but actually a medium grey. It’s my favourite paint choice in the entire apartment; candle light plays off it warmly in the evenings and every colour you combine it with really pops.

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2 Responses to Kitchen shelves

  1. Brismod says:

    Lovely display. That teapot is a monster. It would be my favourite too. xx

  2. lavalotti says:

    It’s heavy too! But it does a good job of keeping tea warm for ages.

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