Lampshade Project

Say you had a vintage Danish ceramic lamp from the 70s kicking around that could be put to good use in the bedroom, but the lampshade had yellowed with age and acquired a few stains here and there, what would you do? In my case, I lived in the naive hope of finding a replacement shade somewhere at a store. Alas, no such luck. After various Google searches, I decided my options were either to recover the shade in new fabric or spray paint the sucker. Yeah, the latter sounded easier to me too. Here are the results:

Doesn’t look too bad when it’s not switched on. But when it is…

Yup, uneven spray paint job. Looks like I’ll have to go over it one more time. I like the way the shade of grey goes with that speckled Scheurich vase though (which, by the way, is standing on a coaster because it has a hairline crack in it…living on the edge.)

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2 Responses to Lampshade Project

  1. mdvanii says:

    Don’t get me started on the subject of trying to find appropriate, clean shades for fabulous old lamps…..just don’t get me started! LOL…..

    • lavalotti says:

      Oh man, I know. The spray painted one you can see in the above pictures is bothering me so much that I’m going to have to do something about it. I think adding another layer of spray paint will make it much too opaque for the light to come through properly. Might have to recover it, but then the hunt for appropriate fabric starts…urgh.

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