Plants I haven’t managed to kill

You couldn’t accuse me of having a green thumb, but I love plants and know that they can significantly improve the air quality in one’s home (we live by a busy road so we need all the help we can get.)

So far, ferns seem to be the best fit for our household and our “gardening” abilities. We have a variety that are happily thriving in our bathroom where they’re not in direct sunlight and enjoy the higher humidity levels. The only fern I haven’t had much luck with is our maidenhair fern, which obviously needs more precise watering than we have been able to provide.

A less standard, low maintenance plant is our “Lipstick Rasta” plant. His crazy, corkscrew leaves look like green dreads, and the best part is that he often blooms – bright pink. Yeah, he’s cool.

It’s easy to see where the “lipstick” part comes from:

Our cacti collection excites us more than it probably should. They like a good weekly drink in summer and some fertilising in spring. Aren’t they cute chilling out in their little pots?
Our big guy has vibrant yellow flowers:

The most finnicky plant in our home is, strangely enough, the ubiquitous ficus tree. I never would have bought one as I associate them with office buildings, but ours was left behind by the former tennant in our last apartment. Nothing we did for the little tree ever seemed right, until we gave him a spot much further away from a window, repotted him, and watered him much less frequently than some online guides seem to suggest.

The mid-c brass bird wall hanging was an ebay score. My husband hates it but has learned to deal.

Do you have any suggestions for further easy-care plant friends to add to our home?

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