Flea market wish list

I don’t want to use my blog to constantly feature product “wish lists”, partly because many other blogs already do this very well indeed, and partly because most of us don’t need to be enabled to buy more and more new stuff, right? Maybe that’s just me.

But flea market trawling and thrifting are different, mainly because what you need hardly ever appears at the time when you need it, whereas things that you didn’t know you needed may magically catch your eye on the days that you go…

To cut down a bit on impulse clutter acquisition, I’ve got a little long-standing mental wish list of things that I keep an eye out for whenever I go to the flea market or stop by one of our local thrift stores, and of course by checking in regularly I’m more likely to tick some of the items off my list in the not-too-distant future. It gives me a bit more focus when I’m overwhelmed by all the stuff on offer. Here’s what I’m currently hunting for:

A vintage radio. These pop up at our local flea market regularly, but I need to educate myself a bit more on the subject so that I know what exactly I’m looking for (and how much I can expect to pay or haggle for.)

A peg rail. It needs to be reasonably attractive or at least have vamping-up potential, because I want to hang it next to my bedroom dresser and use it to display and organize my necklaces.

A plant stand or shelf. These appear regularly too, but so far I haven’t found one that won’t take up too much space on our narrow balcony.

A vintage medical cabinet. A standing one, not a wall-mounted one. Unfortunately, the nicer ones are highly sought after as I’m not the only person who’s caught on to their practical appeal.

Vintage table cloths in reasonably nice condition. I’m nerdy enough to have the measurements of our dining table on a post-it-note in my wallet just in case.

A mirror for our hallway (to hide the ugly fuse box.)

A pendant lamp for above our teak dining table. Preferably a Poul Henningsen design sold by someone who has no idea what it is and only wants 20 EUR for it. Ha! Nobody said my list had to be entirely realistic.

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3 Responses to Flea market wish list

  1. Kim says:

    Since you like thrifting so much, have you ever thought of consigning? Do they have consignment stores in Germany? I find lots of wonderful items at garage sales that have value but I do not need or cannot use. I buy them and take them to the consignment store. The proceeds pay for my collection of WGP and Kosta Boda or anything else I fancy!

  2. Fat Cat says:

    My flea market wish list for the moment consists of three words : West German pottery. I am seriously obsessed… And btw – I think your positive thrifty vibes helped, because I actually did find a couple of beautiful WGP vases on my thrifting expedition last week 🙂

  3. lavalotti says:

    Kim, I imagine they must have consignment stores over here, but I haven’t looked into it yet (I like Kosta Boda too, by the way). 🙂

    Fat Cat–yay, well done, I look forward to pictures of your haul on your blog soon 🙂

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