Fabulous 60s Floor Vase

This is my most recent flea market find, snapped just after the first round of dust and grime removal from its surface. No crusty “lava”, but joyful 60s colours with a geometric pattern and a slightly textured glaze:

It was obviously intended for export, as the base reads “FOREIGN 517/38”. Perhaps it came back home to Germany with someone after many years abroad in some far-flung, exotic location? Or it never made it anywhere and simply languished in basements until it reached…our kitchen. No matter, I think it still knows how to do the Twist.

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9 Responses to Fabulous 60s Floor Vase

  1. Brismod says:

    That is a great floor vase. Good find!

  2. lavalotti says:

    Thanks, though I’m starting to run out of places to put huge, loudly patterned vases, haha!

  3. Fat Cat says:

    Is there such a thing as too many “huge, loudly patterned vases” ? ­čśë

  4. Mdvanii says:

    We have a vase which is the same ground, same shape and similar colours of geometric 60s modernism…..I like the doppled grey and white grounds….it’s soevocative of fabrics of the era for upholstery etc…..

    • lavalotti says:

      Yes, I like them too, especially how the colour of the interior glaze and the geometric patterns contrast with the somber grey. Oh, and welcome to the blog!

  5. mdvanii says:

    I have been collecting since the early 1970s when I was a kid…I bought some of this when it was still new, thinking I was buying very contemporary things…. I loved the grey/white theme alot, grouping them together and then adding one very bright piece…..thank you for the welcome, I really have loved this post modern stuff since it was “modern”….LOL……

    I love to make groupings and also, USE them as vases, with weird ikebana-esque arrangements of unrelated branches, flowers and all sorts of things…..we’ll soon put some on our up-dated website…this is the first time I am really branching out speaking to people about it,…for decades, it’s just kept to myself and friends etc….I am thrilled to see that others are so into this stuff as I am….

    • lavalotti says:

      You must have some wonderful things in your collection! I have always been interested in modern art, but didn’t really develop a collecting interest in vintage modern furnishings and decorative objects until some of my grandparents’ furniture from the 50s/60s came to live with us. I always liked it, even as a child, but I think it took having a place of my own to actually put it in and create some kind of context around it for me to appreciate it fully.

      I also love using my vases. In fact when I recently bought a “lava” vase from an old gentleman at a fleamarket he said “it’s nice that it will be put to use in a home again to hold flowers”. When I have a bit more time I’m going to see if I can find some branches to display in our big floor vases; I’d love to have a look at pictures of your arrangements.

      I mainly put together this blog in order to get in touch with people who are interested in these things too because I don’t know very many people in my “real” life who are, so I’m so glad you’re here. Have just had a look at your website–fascinating stuff! If you don’t mind I’ll add it to my blogroll!

      • Mdvanii says:

        I have some things I adore, but the thing is, I have a few pieces i call my Holy Grails,……. I will try to show you some stuff…how can I do that ?? I will be putting it on our website soon, but as of yet have not….

        I wanted to meet more people into it as I know only one or two in real…all my other friends find it hideous….and they are big, big experts, some of them, on design and 20th century Decorative arts…they are snobbish but are not hip yet…even though they are in the other fields, like Deco and 50s design etc….it’s still very new for most people even the design elite….

        Thank you for putting us on your blogroll…we’ll add your to our website once we get the new site up (in a month) and the links page renewed…I’ll also put it with the Lava pages i will be doing…..

        I have thousands of photos I have taken over the years,…and if you let me know how I can do it, I’ll try to send you a few pictures….

        I really have been enjoying your blog and I am really glad I found it. Its Mr Allan Krzempek who suggested I look at a Forum and then i found your blog….

  6. lavalotti says:

    Hi again, sorry about the late reply! I’d love to see any pics you might have. Assuming you have them in digital form you could send them as picture file attachments in an e-mail (lavalotti(at)googlemail.com) Thanks very much for your supportive comments about the blog, I’m still finding my feet with this but I’m so glad you’re enjoying it so far.

    I know what you mean about other people finding these ceramics ugly and to be honest, some of them are a bit of an acquired taste. I do love the fact that this isn’t an established collecing field yet; there’s still something unique and unusual to it. I also appreciate the bold quirkiness of some of the pieces I see and have picked up, they’re certainly not bland!

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