Goodbye, Summer

After a couple of hot weeks in mid July, August was mostly rainy and even a bit cold. One of our summer projects was to get the balcony in shape, but we only managed to make a few tiny improvements to it, partly stalled by a “if it’s too rainy to sit on it, why make it pretty” lethargy.

Trust me, it looked worse before. The willow reed siding we installed blocks out the view of our less than charming courtyard (but unfortunately not the view of next door’s balcony ornaments.) We have a hodge podge of patio furniture out here which is practical, not especially beautiful, and a cement floor which needs redoing, although covering it with something during the outdoor season is probably the more realistic option for us. My further goals for the balcony are to find some cat-safety-proofing solution (currently Womble and Poppy can’t spend time out here unsupervised), figure out a more attractive furniture arrangement, and find a suitable outdoor shelf to hold our plants and gardening supplies.  The tomato plants you can see in the above picture are our first ever…they have yielded a mighty small crop for all the watering and care they have received since spring, short of reading them a bedtime story each night. Better luck next season, eh?

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