Frosta Stool Revamp: Even a Cat Can.

The blogosphere is full of so much creative talent, of which Anna and her blog Door Sixteen are a prime example. I had been meaning to tackle Anna’s makeover of the humble IKEA Frosta stool for ages, as I had all the required materials kicking around. Can of black spray paint? Check. (I used Plastikote in matte black). Painter’s tape, plastic bags…check. Frosta stool?
Check. The only thing missing was an afternoon with nothing else scheduled and a bit of motivation. Luckily, nosy cats can easily be roped into a bit of home improvement without much coersion. The first step is to get your cat to apply painter’s tape carefully to the outside rim of your stool’s seating surface.
Do check that they haven’t missed a spot or done a wonky job though, because in order for the finished result to look good you have to minimize the risk of paint dripping down the sides. (Note: once dry, light paint feathering/drips down the side can be removed with sandpaper if necessary.)
Next get your cat to encase the legs of the stool in a protective wrapping of some kind. Poppy used a plastic garbage bag which she simply set the stool inside, no real need to wrap up the legs individually.
The garbage bag was attached to the underside of the stool with little bits of leftover painter’s tape like so:
That’s all the prep that was required, no sanding or primers or anything else. Now the fun bit: spray painting the seat of the stool. You really don’t want to do this inside unless you’re keen on your living room carpet, surrounding furniture, or whatever else other than the stool getting covered in a layer of black paint. You also might need to help your cat out with this step as the lack of opposable thumbs means holding a spray can is tricky: aim for several thin, even layers of spray paint until you get the desired coverage, hold the can a few centimeters above the surface you’re spraying, and allow plenty of time to dry.
Poppy’s work here iz done.

Snazzy, no?

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5 Responses to Frosta Stool Revamp: Even a Cat Can.

  1. Fat Cat says:

    Very nice ! And cute too 🙂 I always have to fend off at least one cat whenever (or wherever) I am working on something…
    I just managed to grab a few Frosta stools during my last Ikea visit. Not an easy feat, as an Ikea employee confessed. These stools sell out crazy fast and then take months to restock. But anyway, this is a super easy way to class them up. Plus, it’s a good project for using up the leftover black spray paint from when I redid the outlets and switches on my black walls.

    • lavalotti says:

      Thanks! Taking pictures for the blog takes me much longer than it should because there’s always a cat jumping in and out of the shot. I’m not surprised that the stools sell out so fast as they really are cheap. I’m considering doing another one at some point in a crazy color.

  2. Patient Husband in tow says:

    Woohoo! Go Poppy, go.

  3. Brismod says:

    Talented cat! I love this project – easy and a fabulous end result. Very snazzy indeed.

  4. lavalotti says:

    Thanks! I’m on a bit of a spray painting binge at the moment…

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