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Lampshade Project

Say you had a vintage Danish ceramic lamp from the 70s kicking around that could be put to good use in the bedroom, but the lampshade had yellowed with age and acquired a few stains here and there, what would … Continue reading

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Current Kitchen/Dining room setup

We don’t have a separate dining room in our place, but as I mentioned previously, we thankfully have a spacious kitchen. It therefore currently houses a mixture of kitchen and dining room furniture. Ideally I would like every functional item … Continue reading

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Thrifty Turquoise

This is what happens when I stop by at the thrift store on my way home from work “just to have a quick look around”. I have a thing for shades of green, blue, turquoise…plus they go well with my … Continue reading

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Ebay score

Hello, little teak magazine rack. For 5 EUR I don’t mind that your brass handle needs a bit of cleaning and that you appear to have lived in someone’s basement for a while…you’ll be put to good use organising the … Continue reading

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Mad Men props auctions on Ebay!

Unsurprisingly for someone who likes mid-century-modern furniture and interiors, I’m a big fan of Mad Men and ogle the sets as much as Don Draper. If you have (quite a bit of) extra cash that needs spending, head over to … Continue reading

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Womble and Poppy’s 15 Seconds of Fame

I feel like such a showbiz mom telling you this, but our cats made the cut for desire to inspire’s “Monday’s Pets on Furniture” feature! If you’re interested in interior design, their fantastic blog is probably already a daily must-read … Continue reading

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Kitchen shelves

Judging by the kitchens featured in various shelter magazines, the trend for open kitchen shelving is still going strong. As I’m wary of drilling too many holes into the walls here (we rent) I only dipped my toe in and … Continue reading

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