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Book Review: The Vintage Home

I have quite a collection of interior decorating books taking up space on our shelves. As much as I love my blogs, there’s simply nothing quite like flipping through the many pages of beautifully styled, artfully arranged and expertly photographed … Continue reading

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Yesterday we headed into a little town called Hofgeismar lured by the announcement of a fleamarket there. It was slim pickins indeed with people selling things they really ought to be giving (or throwing) away, and there was an entrance … Continue reading

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I’m not sure what the odds of finding a Maori wood carving at a tiny fleamarket in Kassel are, but I suspect they’re quite slim. Here you go: This type of flat wooden fighting club is called a Mere, and … Continue reading

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Friday Night Jamie Oliver Pasta Dinner

Autumn really has set in over here: rain, rain, rain. But I’ve got a great pasta recipe for you, so all is well with the world. I’m a big Jamie Oliver fan, so it was no surprise that Jamie’s America … Continue reading

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My cold’s still raging, I have a lot of work on at the moment, and today’s flea market was depressing. People selling half-used bottles of shampoo kind of depressing. Anyway, let’s talk about  lamps. You may recall me ranting about … Continue reading

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You Can Run…

The flea market is getting closer. It has figured out where I live, and it’s communicating with me. See? This sign appeared over the driveway of the apartment building opposite ours a few days ago: “Private courtyard flea market Sat. … Continue reading

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It Takes Two

Wall vases, like swans, mate for life, so I was happy that Wall Vase 1 found a special friend at the weekend. They’re having such a good time getting to know each other on our kitchen wall… The other two … Continue reading

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