Hallway Views (and To-Dos)

I am a big lover of vintage modern (and contemporary modern) design, but to me the most interesting kind of interior is one that displays a healthy mix of old and new, antique and sleek. The two oldest pieces of furniture in our household currently live in our hallway. Our hallway closet and the little table we use as a place to dump our keys are both from the German Gründerzeit period.They were left behind by former tennants in an apartment building we once lived in.

In the spirit of keepin’ it real (and because I haven’t found a solution to this problem yet) I will allow you to glimpse the mess o’ cables bonanza happening under the little hallway table. That IKEA cable sorter only improves the vacuuming situation but not the aesthetic one, as you can probably tell. I also apologise for the glarey flash in these photos; it turns out that even with all the lights on and with broad daylight streaming in, our hallway is as dark as Gollum’s cave.

Our Gründerzeit closet houses our winter coats and jackets. We recently had its missing key remade, but as you can see it needs quite a bit of restoration work and…new feet. It’s beautifully made and sturdy though, and has some pretty detailing:

This is our front door. It’s pretty but lets a draught through in winter. Our current solution is a pair of, ahem, very tasteful fabric draught excluder doggies, but perhaps we should hang some curtains from the ceiling using curtain rods in winter as a more tasteful alternative.

The ugly light fixture is not ours, but replacing it may be more hassle than it’s worth. The colour of the walls (Schöner Wohnen’s “Sand”) was chosen to complement my husband’s collection of vintage and antique maps and prints. And yes, there is some awkward furniture crowding going on.

Nope, I haven’t yet managed to find a way to make the technologies or fugly light switches look purdy, and our little catchall table needs some lovin’ too. The first thing I want to do is to find a mirror that will cover up the fuse box right above the lamp. With a bit of luck, it’ll catch a bit of the light reflecting in from the living room windows:

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4 Responses to Hallway Views (and To-Dos)

  1. Brismod says:

    You really do have a lovely home. I can’t believe anyone would leave their furniture behind. They are very nice pieces to hold on to. xx

  2. Fat Cat says:

    I can’t believe either that somebody would leave that beautiful cupboard behind. Crazy!
    Your hallway is awesome – makes me wish I lived in a 19th century building again.

  3. lavalotti says:

    Thanks, ladies. The thing about furniture from the Gründerzeit period is that it is not yet especially valuable on the antiques circuit, probably because it’s still quite easy to find but perhaps also because the “shabby chic” trend of filling one’s house with predominantly white furniture is still going strong over here. Our cupboard has some damage on the side facing the wall (impossible to photograph), and our furniture guy gave us a quote of 300 EUR to fix it. Pretty steep, but if you consider that any of the nicer IKEA cupboards already cost 200 EUR it’s not a stupid investment to make, especially because the wood is solid and the cupboard holds a lot of stuff.

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