New Obsession: Wall Vases

Wall vases disappeared from the home decorating trends radar so long ago that I don’t remember seeing them in anybody’s home when I was a child. Perhaps it is exactly that psychological distance from an item or a design period that allows it to feel fresh again. Kitsch and decidedly retro? Sure, but also inherently quirky and dangerously collectable.
My mother found this little cutie at a flea market in Berlin for me the other week. It holds water like a champ (is that what champs do?) and fits quite a few blooms. Getting the arrangement of flowers in one of these right is a comical undertaking; you end up cutting off most of the stems, but as you can see the result is an unexpected little splash of natural colour.

I like the pastel yellow and brown glaze combination and was especially excited to see that the original woven cord is still intact. Little pleasures, huh? I can easily see myself covering an entire wall with these…uh oh. Guard your wall vases closely, grannies of Germany, I’m on the prowl.

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