More Berlin Flea market Goodies and Thoughts on Glaze Varieties

My recent Berlin flea market haul included another Jasba vase, although this time one with rather more reasonable proportions and an array of sherbet colours on a solid black glaze.

It’s one of several that I have recently come across that still sports its original label. I’m not normally a fan of keeping labels on vases and other decorative objects, but when it comes to collecting vintage items it can sometimes be a bit of a bonus.

In taking these pictures I was reminded of the sheer variety of glazes that a single company produced back when the decorative pottery market was still booming. Compare our friend above with two other vases produced by Jasba between the mid 50s and early 60s, the Jasba “Jaspatina” gold glaze:

I inherited the vase on the left from my grandmother and found its sidekick at a flea market in Kassel several weeks ago. The vase on the left especially has such a classical shape and the green/gold colour combination seems equally suited to the tastes of more conservative buyers at the time who still sought something modern and unstuffy.

Forrest Poston recommends Jasba’s Jaspatina range as a good foundation for building a collection of West German pottery as the glazes tended to be of a higher, more distinguished quality than some of the other offerings of the period, not to mention still attractive enough to seamlessly integrate into contemporary furnishing styles. Happy hunting!

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