Uh oh

The weather’s glorious today and the flea market was rammed. Maybe the unexpected sunshine fried my brain, because I can’t quite justify one of the things I came home with. A humble bit of vintage, touristy, folk art Americana? A tiny foray into granny chic? It spoke to me, what are you gonna do.
Cross stitch madness. A little New England town? Can anyone identify? Looks like something that was probably sold on one of the many former U.S. bases in Germany.
Aww, little cross stitch flag, barn…greenery
It fits perfectly onto our IKEA kitchen cupboard. Fate! But wait, there was also this:
Thick, bubbly lava glaze on fire engine red base: this one’s an extroverted little pot. The picture was taken pre-scrubbing; the little flecks of paint have thankfully come off.

The flea market season is slowly drawing to a close as the evil autumn and winter weather approaches, so I’m afraid I will be hitting another flea market tomorrow. What are your Saturday finds?

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One Response to Uh oh

  1. Kim says:

    I can’t believe I am saying this but I really like your cross-stitch of the little American town. When I buy something I am not sure about, I use it for awhile and then make a decision on whether or not it is a keeper. Many times I am willing to part with it and find it a new home. It is a pretty picture with nice colours and looks nice with your shelf.
    Happy WGP hunting!

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