Birthday Haul

Another year notched up with much to be thankful for. And another day of lovely sunshine in what has otherwise been a rainy month for us over here–bonus! There were quite a few pottery offerings at the flea market today, although it seems that the more desirable shapes and glazes are getting more difficult to find. It may not seem like it, but only a fraction of what can be found at our local flea markets is worth picking up. Here’s our loot:

A Scheurich 517-45 floor vase whose glaze is so bright that you could see it glowing from a distance:

A 50 cm Carstens floor vase (7651-50):

A Scheurich 242-22:

A new yellow addition to my tiny collection of Scheurich 414-16s…

…a little orange and grey pot that I haven’t managed to identify yet; the number on the bottom is very difficult to read:

Enough orange and red for you already? All in all it’s been a grand day so far and I haven’t even had my second slice of husband-baked chocolate cake yet. Happy Sunday everyone!

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3 Responses to Birthday Haul

  1. Kim says:

    I’m so jealous lol. I never see anything like that here in Canada unless it costs a fortune! It must be so fun to sort through and have to choose what you are going to bring home. In my dreams!

  2. Brismod says:

    Best wishes to you! That seriously is a good haul. I never ever see pottery like that at our markets either…

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