You Can Run…

The flea market is getting closer. It has figured out where I live, and it’s communicating with me.
See? This sign appeared over the driveway of the apartment building opposite ours a few days ago: “Private courtyard flea market Sat. 18th/Sun. 19th September from 10:00 AM”. I like the idea of all tennants in a building deciding to sell their unwanted stuff together of a weekend; they sound like my kind of crowd.

In other news, there is currently an interesting little post on Apartment Therapy providing various inspirational interiors pictures that illustrate the merits of mixing antique and modern furnishings.While I greatly respect purists whose homes convey one unified design aesthetic or period, it can be quite freeing to mix and match things from different eras and ends of the style spectrum.

Also: I have the first sniffly cold of the season. Yuck.

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