Seeing Red

Oh, the increasing cheesiness of my blog post titles! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Collecting this crazy pottery starts to get really fun when you can start to group colour themes together. You’ll recognize the tallest two in the back as Scheurich, the one furthest to the right is Ruscha’s 315 (the taller version of their classic 313 shape), and I have no idea who our friend in the front is. Roth?

I recently freed up the space on the wonky little BILLY shelves in our study when our old (and broken) stereo system was finally replaced with a new (and much smaller) version. What I wouldn’t give for some custom shelving!

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5 Responses to Seeing Red

  1. Kim says:

    Nice little groupings. I love the red colours!

  2. littleowlski says:

    Love the Ruscha one – I’ve never found anything like that! I think the Scheurich at the back in grey/red must be a cousin of the one I’ve just posted up.

  3. lavalotti says:

    I like the Ruscha one too, but it can be awkward to fit in somewhere because it’s kind of massive. Scheurich really must have been very prolific because the majority of the stuff I find at fleamarkets is by them.

  4. Fat Cat says:

    Seriously jealous of your red collection !

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