Sunday afternoon

I’m trying to document the last few days on which there’s actually a bit of sunshine in the  afternoons. We’ll need our memories of it when the Season of Cold and Sludge descends upon us any day now. Still, I suppose winter darkness is always a good excuse to put our various candle holders to use…

…not that I need an excuse. Saturday night dinner was an easy-peasy affair. There’s been lots of lovely Bok Choy available in stores lately, so I stir fried some with a bit of garlic, stock, Chinese 5-Spice, ginger, and a splash of soy sauce. Wish I’d had some spring onions to chuck into it too, but it was still nice. And fast! Want a pic of a sloppily plated yummy stir fry dinner? You know you can’t stop me…

Have a lovely remaining Sunday.

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