Middle of the Week Weekend Musings

The days are just racing by; before we know it it’ll be Christmas again. Aside from feebly trying to inject a little hit of colour on a dreary weekday afternoon in the form of supermarket flowers, I’m trying to psych myself up for two projects around the house. One is painting the bathroom. We put that project off when we first moved in because the other rooms were in more urgent need of a fresh coat of paint. Result: a year later the bathroom still hasn’t been painted.

The other, neverending project around here is trying to organize the storage areas around the apartment, although “areas” is really too grand a term–I’m talkin’ closets and boxes. Unlike many American homes, houses and apartments in Germany don’t tend to come with built-in closets, hence the popularity of wardrobe systems from places like IKEA. We’ve got one too, a vintage one simply wouldn’t offer quite enough space for our stuff. That’s probably a nice little indication of how many excess belongings the average modern Western household has, but let’s not go there for now.

This thing does hold most of our clothes (coats and jackets live in our antique wardrobe in the hallway), but it’s also where the clear storage bins for shoes (rotated seasonally, in theory), DVDs and boxes of photos are stacked. Not beautiful, no. My aim is to tweak the setup to make it a bit more streamlined and accessible and a bit less visually disruptive. It’s going to be a long weekend.

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3 Responses to Middle of the Week Weekend Musings

  1. littleowlski says:

    Our bathroom is absolutely foul – it’s the only room we’ve done nothing too. Therefore it is still the pink, floral, tiled 80s Swedish Sauna vileness it was when we moved it! And after being told by an estate agent that changing it won’t add value to the house, we’ve got no intention of changing it! Good luck with yours though…!

    • lavalotti says:

      Thankfully the tiles in our bathroom are neutral and not ugly (although a few are cracked here and there) but the walls are very high and I can just see myself not reaching the top most corners despite using a huge ladder…argh.

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