Pantry magic

Have you ever bought a can of kidney beans only to discover that you already had 3 lurking around in your pantry? Because your pantry was so overstuffed with pasta cartons and various other food packaging that you actually needed to paw through everything in order to ascertain what was in there? Just us then. No more! Aforementioned kidney bean scenario number 10 and a recent post by the inspirationally organised Benita from Chez Larsson finally pushed me over the edge.

Let me tell you, this decanting business is a bit of a science. At least it is if you know your storage containers will be from IKEA but your rental apartment kitchen cupboards are not and do not suit IKEA accessory dimensions perfectly. We made it work anyway.

The most attractive containers in the current range are those from the CELEBER series. They’re well made and have a clear window in the lid so you can see what’s in there (cereal from 2001?) Great, but I wanted the even lazier version: clear glass containers so I can tell what’s in the cupboard at a glance . DROPPAR seemed like the best bet judging from the website images, but when I had a look at these jars in store it turned out that none of the lids screwed on tightly, in fact some of them fell off with little persuasion. Come on, IKEA, what’s the point?

We were close to calling it a day when we discovered the nearly hidden display of BURKEN containers. Tight lids, good range of sizes, dishwasher safe. You can see some of them above; we’ll be going back for a few more the next time I’m willing to sacrifice a Saturday morning (and my sanity) to the big blue and yellow.

Final find of the day were these containers for cereals and muesli from the 365+ range. The bags that Muesli come in over here are about as big as sacks of horse feed, so I was keen to find something that could store & pour (should I copyright that slogan?) efficiently.

Well yay. Next point of urgency is our assortment of spices. Oh, I also saw, but resisted, this…


(image source


The TRADIG fruit bowl looks like the kind of thing Alessi used to come out with. It’s the most interesting household accessory IKEA’s introduced in a while; I get the feeling that they have scaled their range back significantly in the last two years or so.

I hope your Saturday is shaping up to be as glamorous as mine.

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2 Responses to Pantry magic

  1. Brismod says:

    Pantry envy. I must decant after seeing this. xx

    • lavalotti says:

      I really wish I had started doing this earlier. I think it will save us money in the long run because we won’t constantly be buying multiples of things that we still have & will make meal planning/shopping list planning a lot faster too. You don’t wanna know what my pantry looked like before I sorted everything out with those containers…

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