All in the Family

I don’t know what your work week was like, but I’m embracing Friday night with arms wiiide open. To usher in another weekend of fleamarket trawling, I thought I’d give my fellow vintage ceramics fans a little peek at my mom’s recent Berlin fleamarket finds. Yes, my mom’s on the prowl for them too and she’s picked up a few beauties.

Crusty bright blue lava glaze!

1950s abstract floral?

What a beauty. I have yet to identify any of them as they are all still currently in Berlin. If you recognize any of the shapes and glazes, give us a shout!

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2 Responses to All in the Family

  1. Mdvanii says:

    I love the top one alot….. I think the last one in brown drip is more early 80s…but cannot be sure, because I seem to have seen them in Germany almost recently….they are familiar…..

    I found a humungous Schramberg-esque floor vase with a gigantic acid coloured abstract floral on it……so grotesque it’s divine….a slushy beigey puke-y golden mud ground and this dried vampiric blood and forest green floral makes for heavy reflection on what is and what is not pretty to our contemporary eye….I adore it…i wish i could figure out how to post a photo here or somehere to show it to you…..maybe by email or something…..

  2. lavalotti says:

    Ooh, that sounds fantastic! I must confess I tend to really like the over-the-top ones, even if they venture into grotesque territory, haha. It seems like even just 30 years ago people were so much braver with what they put into their homes; today so many interiors are so bland and uniform. If you’d like me to post a pic of your new find on my blog just send me a photo as an e-mail attachment; I’d be more than happy to feature it. Perhaps someone will be able to identify it!

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