Procrastination & Plant Switcheroo

After psyching myself up for the great Bathroom Painting Bonanza of 2010, my resolve quickly dissipated and the project was moved to “sometime between Christmas and New Year’s”. Lofty ideas and grand plans followed by home improvement apathy; that’s how I roll. The only change that has ocurred is that our beautiful and biggest fern died and freed up the window space by the corner bathtub. He was doing so well until loathsome bugs suddenly descended upon him like something out of a John Carpenter movie and destroyed him within a matter of a week. We tried to save him. It wasn’t to be, and after his departure we were left with a big blank section of white tiled nothingness in the bathroom.

When it comes to plants, anything that can survive in a desert seems to survive cohabiting with us, and so our trusty trio of succulent cuttings moved in. They are the spawn of The Great Oxford Succulent, a plant that my husband received as a present in England more than 8 years ago which has now shared several homes in two countries with us. Nothing dissuades the Great Succulent: he soldiered on through a period of accidentally being greatly overwatered (now remedied), and sitting in less than ideal spots (too close to a heater, in a dingy student room, on top of bookshelves.) Hopefully these three little ones won’t be triple the size they are now by the time we get around to painting.

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3 Responses to Procrastination & Plant Switcheroo

  1. Fat Cat says:

    Love the Ikea Kardemumma pots ! White and sleek. They set off plants beautifully.

    • lavalotti says:

      Thanks! I’m currently on a slightly obsessive streak trying to match all the plant pots in our apartment…we used to have a real mish mash of them and it started to bother me.

      • Fat Cat says:

        Same here. Besides buying up every WGP planter I can lay my hands on, I have been spending a fortune at Ikea on their Kardemumma range. I still have a few ivory and green ones to replace. And of course, one day I might end up replacing all the Ikea ones with fat lava ones. It’s a neverending circle 🙂

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