Lamp Quest Take Two

Is Saturday almost over already? Seems like all I did was cook lunch and clean the apartment. Hey wait…that is all I achieved today. You know how it goes. But I feel today won’t be complete without yet another lamp discussion. The reason I haven’t provided an update on the kitchen lamp situation is because I am still obsessing over possible choices. A sale in a local design shop has provided yet another option:

Image source:

“Big Bundle” by Leitmotiv in chrome. Is sexy, no? I have a thing for lamp bunches; they remind me of upside down flower bouquets (bear with me as I overstretch metaphors.) While the design of this one is decidedly retro, I think it’s understated enough to avoid being too faddy. Choices, choices. And on a completely unrelated note:

Poppy thinks lamps are for meditating under. She also felt a bit underexposed on the blog this week, so here she is. What a clown.

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