Around the House

The view outside is so dreary today that I won’t attempt to drag you down with it by posting a picture. We managed to make the most out of a rain-free mid morning and early afternoon by going for a stroll and eating brunch in a cafe. No lava news for you this weekend, just some pottering about and rearranging things.

The Jasba floor vase monster is now sporting a dried flower tribal headdress of sorts and consequently looks even more fierce.

One of these three is not like the others…and the pumpkins’ days are numbered. Sundays are for roasted vegetables. They’re also for taking time to resurrect neglected interests:

I enjoy actually putting pen to paper as long as the pen in question is a smooth-writing fountain pen (that’s one of my favourite LAMY pens above; the Paperblanks Mark Twain edition journal ain’t bad either.) Do you journal? I find that when I get around to it, the simple act of writing my thoughts down, no matter how banal, is a great brain de-clutterer. And if all else fails, you’ve got an attractive place to pen your grocery list. Happy Sunday.

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4 Responses to Around the House

  1. Mdvanii says:

    The jasba vase is simply wonderful….I love those lichen, yellow-y mud colours…..I think the weird colour glazes of Lava is amongst my favourite aspects of the genre….the shapes of course are divine but the colourts are truly amazing sometimes, this vase being so lovely…..

  2. lavalotti says:

    Thanks so much! I agree about the colourful glazes; you simply cannot find anything quite that bold easily today in modern stores. By the way, we walked past an antique shop today that had West German pottery in the window (!) I’ll have to go back next weekend and see if I can take some pictures of the display…I’d also be interested in how much they’re charging. I’ll put a post together as soon as I can.

  3. Cinna says:

    Wow, never seen that Jasba floorvase before. Do you know more about it?

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