Big Bundle: Resolution of the Lamp Issue

Woohoo! I can finally stop complaining about the ceiling lamps in our kitchen and channel that energy elsewhere (next opportunity to complain is probably around the corner.) After various considerations, I settled on Leitmotiv’s “Big Bundle” pendant lamp in chrome.

It has seven individual shades (all of which clank and clang and swing around wildly as you and your husband try to steady the ceiling attachment while drilling the holes…good times!)

I’ve done my best to take decent pictures for you, but the lack of natural light from 3 PM onwards these days is making it tricky (let’s hear it for November!)

And one without flash for good measure….

I like how the lamp goes with our kitchen clock and am aware of how it clashes with the brass curtain rods, but we’ll have to live with this for now (curtain rods were already in situ when we moved in and have been custom cut to fit the awkward window sizes.)

It feels good to finally make a little progress on some of the household goals I’ve set myself…let there be light!

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4 Responses to Big Bundle: Resolution of the Lamp Issue

    • lavalotti says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately it’s not completely centered due to the placement of the wiring in the ceiling, but it’s certainly an improvement on what we had before.

  1. Corry says:

    The light fitting looks really good Charlotte. Well worth your patience and perseverence. What is the next project?
    I love the photos you toook on your weekend walk. Ever thought about a career as a photographer?

    • lavalotti says:

      Hi Corry, thanks! Next project: updating our kitchen chairs. Project for 2011: having our Danish armchair reupholstered. Thanks for the photo compliment; I assure you it takes me about 5 tries per image to get one that’s not blurry, too dark, etc. As soon as there’s not enough natural light things get really tricky. ­čÖé

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