Weekend This & That

We cherish Sundays around here because we live right in the middle of the city by two big roads and Sunday is the only day when traffic noises disappear.

You know it’s a slow news day when you tell your readers that you picked up a new cactus to replace one that outgrew its pot, but there you go. The yellow-capped fellow is apparently called a strawberry cactus (yes, they also come in pink).

Yesterday afternoon was taken up by a quest to purchase shorter lightbulbs for the new lamp (the ones we used for our initial test run on Wednesday peeked out beyond the shades and created way too much glare.) Can I briefly do the non-politically correct thing and complain about the price of energy efficient lightbulbs? First of all, try finding ones with 15 watts instead of 35, 40, 60…three stores. Three. And once you finally get hold of some they cost almost 10 EUR a pop! I understand that they are intended to last for 10 years, but…really? If they don’t make it to 10 do I get my money back? Will I even remember where I bought them? Does anyone keep receipts for that long? All questions the universe refuses to answer.

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