Winter Walk

The weather on Sunday was crisp and cold with enough sunshine to warrant walking off breakfast bundled up in layers of sweaters and scarves. One would be forgiven for thinking that the following pictures were taken somewhere rural, but in fact they all stem from a conservation area in Kassel, the Dönche.

It’s amazing what a difference a small natural protectorate like this makes to life in a city. You feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, and yet glimpses of the city are only ever just around the corner.

Log benches like this are a familiar sight in German forests and parks. I like them best when they’re weathered and moss-covered.

Angus cattle up ahead! The stoic beauty of these guys and their autumn-leaf-coloured coats are impressive to this city slicker…

Okay, enough cows. Well, maybe one more…

We’re supposed to be getting the first snowfall of the season on Wednesday around these parts. Our snow tires are good to go and our assortment of winter boots has been unearthed from storage. Seems like only yesterday that I put them away for the summer.

It’s afternoons like this that make me aware of how much time we spend indoors basked in the ghoulish glow of artificial office lighting.

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3 Responses to Winter Walk

  1. Kim says:

    I really enjoyed this entry. I loved the pics of the conservation area. It looks so peaceful. I loved the cow pics too. You can never have too many. In Ottawa, we have an extensive greenbelt area which adds such beauty too our city. It is a unique feature and we cherish it. Inside the greenbelt is an experimental farm which is open to the public and is involved in farming research. It is a wonderful city to live in, except it can be really really cold in the winter.

  2. lavalotti says:

    Ottawa has been on my must-visit list for ages. The city center of Kassel is quite ugly (lots of concrete post-war structures) with only a few pretty and leafy districts scattered about, so the huge parks we have here are incredibly popular. Without them a lot of inner-city kids probably wouldn’t know what a cow looked like 😦

  3. Brismod says:

    That’s a beautiful sanctuary to have so close to town. I can’t believe you are getting ready for snow, while we prepare for storm season here. I hope you have a mild winter. x

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