Spotted: More West-German Pottery Around the Web

I’m not sure how the artist John Guthrie’s house tour managed to pass me by when it was first posted on Apartment Therapy in March because it ticks so many of my boxes. Thoughtfully collected vintage modern furniture? Check. Unbelievably cute pug? Check. Enviable collection of West-German pottery? Triple check. See for yourself:

I enjoy looking at how other collectors showcase their pottery. The neutral backdrop in the above room obviously allows the fiery glazes to take center stage, and grouping vases by colour is another effective and pleasing display approach. Caution: super cute pug ahead!

My intention in posting these pictures really wasn’t to make you green with envy on this Wednesday evening, but how fantastic is this display cabinet? I need something like this:

All images via Apartment Therapy

Keeping most of your collection in one designated display area obviously eliminates the risk of a scattered, cluttered look and allows you to individually showcase special pieces in other areas of your home to greater effect. So. Jealous. Happy middle of the week to you!

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6 Responses to Spotted: More West-German Pottery Around the Web

  1. Fat Cat says:

    I NEED all of these vases !

  2. littleowlski says:

    That’s pretty gorgeous looking isn’t it? Makes me rethink my approach to display – perhaps I need to go down the simple backdrop route. At the moment, we’ve got that much that every corner of our house is crammed with huddling pots!

  3. lavalotti says:

    Cool, huh? I’m struggling to display mine well too. I think the key really is to keep most of them together in one place with only a few singled out at a time for special display.

  4. littleowlski says:

    We do tend to have a rotation system going on with ones in the loft, but it’s effort to get them up and down out of there! Bigger house is needed!

  5. frances says:

    yes, I have been looking for an open bookshelf to display mine, At the moment I have them grouped thematically according to colour on side tables
    my west german pottery collection_2 (fat lava)

    • lavalotti says:

      Hi Frances, welcome to the blog! Just had a look at your collection on flickr–you have some stunning pieces and those groupings look great, especially the grouping reflected in the mirror.

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