Festive glimpses

Christmas lights don’t have to be cheesy and can add a little festive something to even the most modern and minimalist architecture. Case in point, an apartment building in our street:

I like how they have decided to enhance both sides of the building with one long strand of glowing lights, once along the side of the building facing away from the street, once along the upper balcony of the outer facade. Very cool.

I couldn’t resist the snow-blurry view of this lonely window light pyramid keeping the glow of the street lamps company.

And our own little potted tree is up and decorated, although he does need the Frosta stool to help him out in the height and confidence department. Still, there’s room for a few handmade wooden German decorations from Rothenburg ob der Tauber and the Erzgebirge. Oh, and some tiny silver disco balls. Gotta have the disco element.

We’re hoping our tree will survive in its pot beyond the holiday season so that we can transfer him to the balcony for the rest of the year and then reuse him next Christmas. How are you decorating this year, if at all? I have to admit, part of me hankers after the ultimate no-fuss, reusable alternative of a fake Christmas tree…and if you’re gonna go fake, you might as well embrace the fakeness:

Image via sassyhongkong.com

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. No foresty fir smell here, this baby probably comes in a scratch-and-sniff strawberry margharita scent variety. Let the party begin.


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2 Responses to Festive glimpses

  1. Kim says:

    There is something really special about how people decorate for Christmas. I find that Christmas decorations add that very personal touch to a home. They add warmth or charm or humour or tacky or minimalist or theme or colour coordinated or natural or big pink tree- love it!! Your tree is so sweet and simple- very charming. I have a large-ish home to decorate so I have different types in different rooms. My natural decorations are in my family room with the fireplace, providing warmth and a tiny bit of a country outdoors feel. My living room has a blue and silver theme. My dining room is more traditional, with poinsettias, holly and the red, green theme. My foyer has jewel tones with gold. Lots of candle holders too, to provide beautiful soft light throughout. I know it sounds chaotic, but each room is done tastefully and we love it. Merry Christmas to you and yours

    • lavalotti says:

      Your decorations sound gorgeous! My plan is to slowly add to our collection of decorations every year. I try to buy things that have been handmade or at least produced in Germany when possible, but of course these always end up being a lot pricier. I think my favourite aspect of decorating is that you tend to remember when and where you acquired each ornament; after a while the collection really does represent a significant portion of one’s life. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas too.

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