A Berlin Winter

2010 is winding up, and we had an extremely white Christmas in Berlin. So white, in fact, that the city is having trouble keeping up with the snow clearing and pretty much everyone faces digging their cars out of packed icy prisons every time they want to go anywhere.

People tend to associate Berlin with big-city landscapes. While it certainly offers plenty of that, it is also an exceptionally green city with lakes and forests galore. The following images were all taken in the wooded areas and lakes around the beautiful suburb Wannsee.

Nope, not Sweden. I can’t remember the last time we had quite this much snow in Germany. Temperatures are supposed to tip into the -20 range on New Year’s Eve…can you say thermal underwear? 18 layers of it??

Endearingly, there have been warnings on local radio stations telling people to mind possible snow-laden falling branches in the forest. “If you hear a snapping sound…run!” Something along those lines. Do the Swedes get warnings like these?

Can you spot the eerie lone figure with his dog ahead in the above picture? It’s a funny thing, bumping into fellow wanderers in the forest. Part of you is glad there’s someone else out there, part of you wants to hurry on.

Germans love a good walk. You see people of all ages braving the elements in all their winter gear. Paths tend to be well-signposted.A perfect, snow-laden arc! Gotta love nature. Maybe they weren’t kidding about the branch warnings.

Wild boar tracks in the snow. They’re rampant in the forests around Berlin and tend to move closer and closer into inhabited areas in their search for food. Am I the only one who lies awake at night sometimes worrying about whether the wild animals are too cold or too hungry out there in the grips of winter? Probably. Moving right along…

Frozen lakes…

…desolate but so beautiful. All pictures courtesy of my husband.

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3 Responses to A Berlin Winter

  1. 3at12 says:

    Hi! Thought I would check out your digs. 🙂 Will be adding you to my reader. Drats! I have been wanting to cut back, but I just don’t think that it is going to happen.
    Am loving your new dining room chairs! All the best for 2011!

  2. Kim says:

    I love your winter pics. We have scenes like this every winter here in Canada. Enjoy it and all the natural beauty that it brings. Merry Christmas and all the best in 2011!

  3. littleowlski says:

    Happy New Year! Wish our snow had been this good! Emma x

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