Panton Exhibition: Nordic Embassies Berlin

Any opportunity to show 'em off, right? Hell yeah.

I just wanted to tip off those readers for whom a jaunt to Berlin is feasible between January 15th and February 28th: the Nordic Embassies in Berlin are hosting a unique Verner Panton exhibition, the focus of which is to show a “previously inaccessible collection of rare original furniture and objects for the first time to a broad public.”

Other events around the exhibition sound quite amazing too; there’s a “Panton Party” on the 27th of January at club “Raumfahrer” at which you can win a Panton chair (and groove to whatever beats DJs Steffen Walther and Dirk Singhofen conjure), on the 3rd of February you can attend a Panton “design talk” featuring various curators and architects, and on the 13th of February there’s a Panton workshop for kids (gotta start ’em early, people.)

I’m going to do my best to catch this exhibition in late February; hope some of you may be able to see it too.

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One Response to Panton Exhibition: Nordic Embassies Berlin

  1. GoVintage says:

    Oh nooo!!! Why I don’t live in Berlin!!!
    I absolutely in love of your city and this exhibition gives me a reason more…pity I can’t go.
    I have some news on my blog too if you don’t know them already 😉

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