Ceramic Interludes in Times of Trouble

Writing a blog post about vintage vases is about as self indulgent as it gets when other people are busy trying to save their homes and their lives. Rest assured, my thoughts have been with our friends in Brisbane and all the other areas of Queensland hit by the floods. If you have a little money to spare, the Australian Red Cross is accepting donations to help with relief efforts.

And because Thursday just wouldn’t be complete without a little retro goodness, here are a few pics of one of my mom’s recent fleamarket acquisitions (the lady’s on a roll!)

This sweetie pie of a bud vase stands 16 cm tall and is the first vase in my collection that features a dark green glaze.

One of the pedantic obsessions joys of collecting ceramics is that you get to switch up displays regularly; I’m currently quite pleased with the blue/green grouping our little teak nesting tables are rocking.

Manufacturer? I have not the faintest inkling of an idea. Thanks to one of my lovely readers, however, identification progress has been made with the funky “Lochvase” I showed you the other day: possible manufacturers include Van Woerden (Holland), Stein Keramik (former Western Germany), or Bertoncello (Italy.)

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4 Responses to Ceramic Interludes in Times of Trouble

  1. Fat Cat says:

    Love the green and blue grouping ! I’m also currently fussing with my vases 🙂 No recent additions, but moving things around gives at least the illusion of novelty… I would like to take some photos, but the weather in Brussels has been so miserable this week. Although I’m very grateful that there have not been any floodings in my area…

  2. GoVintage says:

    I want the dark blue one in the second pic! 😀
    really cool!


  3. littleowlski says:

    These are gorgeous! Have you posted pics on the Pottery and Glass forum? They should sort you out with an ID on there. Love them all! Emma

  4. lavalotti says:

    Thanks, guys! Emma, I really need to post a few pics on the forum; I have several vases now that I have no idea about the maker for.

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