Danish Modern Ice Bucket: Dansk “Congo”

Many of my favourite treasures are objects I grew up with which belonged to my parents or grandparents (or both) before me. Such is the case with the raddest of ice buckets (did I just type that?), Jens Quistgaard’s “Congo” design (1960) manufactured by Dansk.

This design is one of Quistgaard’s most famous; it was inspired by the hulls of Viking ships. It’s not difficult to see the connection.

If you’re wondering whether this nearly 50-year-old bucket of teak swishness still keeps ice cool, why yes, yes it does. Its interior is lined in bright red plastic.

Cheers, darlings! Oh, and tomorrow the husband and I will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. Double cheers!

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4 Responses to Danish Modern Ice Bucket: Dansk “Congo”

  1. Mdvanii says:

    This piece is simply marveloous…..it’ as if it wants you to take it along ona trip with you….like small hand luggage..

  2. Monica says:

    Oh, it is gorgeous. Lucky girl. Happy 4th tomorrow.

  3. Brismod says:

    Oh. It is very cool indeed. Happy Anniversary to you both! xx

  4. littleowlski says:

    That’s amazing, I want one!

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