This and That

I thought you might appreciate a charming West-German pottery stillife on a drab January Sunday (at least that’s our reality over here.) How lovely do those blossom branches look against the mustard-coloured surface of the vase? Just goes to show that even the simpler glaze varieties can still provide a stunning backdrop to floral arrangements (image from here.)

Thank you for your anniversary wishes, by the way. There were beautiful flowers (5 simple callas were my bridal bouquet back on a stormy day in January 2007)…

…dinner at a Swiss restaurant, and talk of house hunting. Bring on spring!


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2 Responses to This and That

  1. Monica says:

    Lovely arrangement! I particularly like the vase on the right.

  2. Brismod says:

    It’s a gorgeous image. That vase is even nicer with the flowers. xx

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