So far

The first week of February 2011 held this for us: prepare to make an offer on a house, have the house snatched up by someone else at the last minute; work, work, work; try to keep up with the mild/cold/mild/cold weather around here at the moment. Gone, one week down. What’s February for, anyway? It’s neither here nor there.

The cats don’t mind.

They really, really don’t.

Next furniture related project up ahead: sourcing an upholsterer for the Wegner Papa Bear armchair and presumably reeling at the resulting quotes for upholstery plus fabric. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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2 Responses to So far

  1. Monica says:

    Your cats are gorgeous and so is the Wegner chair. It will look stunning reupholstered. Are you going to have the tufting added back on (in all of the pictures that I have seen the back is tufted)?

    • lavalotti says:

      Hi Monica and thanks! Yes, we definitely want the tufting added back on. I’m sure it will all end up costing a bomb, but even if we didn’t mind the 80s fabric it’s currently clad in, it is badly torn in several spots.

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