What Time It Is

It’s been a bit of a slow news month for us household wise, aside from braving IKEA to procure some more shelf inserts for our PAX closet system. I know, hold on to your seats and all that. In usual IKEA fashion, a few other things made their way home with us, although in my defence they were actually not impulse purchases…

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a funky alarm clock that can be read in the dark, through squinty tired eyes, with a setting and snooze mechanism even a monkey could use (the latter is especially important to this monkey.) So what if it looks like a giant red LEGO? You can even record your own alarm message (hours of fun!) The coffee mug is from the POKAL line (you can’t go wrong with the drinking glasses, they’re robust and pleasant to use.)

On a much less frivolous note, the New Zealand Red Cross is still accepting donations for their earthquake appeal. If you have even a little cash to spare, please consider passing some their way.




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4 Responses to What Time It Is

  1. 3at12 says:

    Hi! I love your alarm clock and desperately need to replace mine. Am always having to pick mine up during the night and hold it at different angles to read it. Will have to check it out on our next trip. The POKAL glasses are great. We have the large and small tumblers in clear and they have nice weight to them. Hadn’t seen the mugs yet…

    • lavalotti says:

      I’m one of those people who has to check what time it is at regular intervals before the alarm actually goes off in the morning…good thing about this IKEA clock is that you can just press the big black button at the top to light up the display. We have the large and small Pokal tumblers too and love them, especially because they’re so chip resistant. We’ll see about the mugs; so far they have survived one dishwasher cycle.

      • Corry says:

        I love the clock and you are right. It’s hard to find a basic alarm clock that does what you expect it to do and that has easy to follow instructions.
        Thank you so much for mentioning the earthquake appeal. Things are really bad in Christchurch and it is going to be a very long road to recovery. The international search and rescue teams have been amazing as have the citizens of Christchurch. We are seeing some of the best of human nature coming to the fore. It’s going to be many years before the city recovers.

  2. lavalotti says:

    It’s quite terrible looking at the completely destroyed parts of town that I remember in their intact state from our visit there in 2009. I can’t even fathom how soul-destroying it must be for a city to go through 2 such disasters in the space of a year.

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