Thrift Store Score

The other day I discovered a tiny thrift store right by two of the supermarkets we sometimes shop at here in Kassel. It’s called Das Regal (“the shelf”) and essentially functions as a shelf rental space for people who want a shot at selling some of their unwanted stuff without organising a booth at the fleamarket. The obvious advantage is that you can decide to rent shelf space for several weeks. I must have walked past the tiny, low-key store front about 100 times in the past without ever stopping for a look. Pity! On my first visit I found two fantastic West-German pottery pieces priced at 1,50 EUR each. Yes, please.

This Carstens vase still has its original label as well as a fantastic lava glaze.

The second piece seems quite Scandi-inspired to me. Although the shape is very similar to the Carstens piece I think the maker is a different one; the  numbers on the bottom read 1507-27. Scheurich?

Both of these vases are in perfect condition; if it weren’t for their obviously vintage style, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they came fresh from the kiln.

Have you found anything interesting at a thrift store lately?

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8 Responses to Thrift Store Score

  1. Kim says:

    Here in Ottawa, I am coming up empty every time I go thrifting. I am almost giving up hope of finding any more WGP. Garage sale season will be starting in a couple months so I will try my luck then. Nice finds!

  2. littleowlski says:

    Hi, one on the right is definitely a Carstens as well. They’re both lovely, but I particularly like the purple and yellow one. Good finds! Emma

  3. Fat Cat says:

    Wow! Fantastic scores indeed ! I especially like the yellow & blue one.
    Nothing too exciting over here… I found my first East German piece (a Strehla planter) and indulged in a Scheurich floor vase. Both were ebay finds. So factoring in the cost of shipping, I’m nowhere near your incredible finds.

  4. lavalotti says:

    Thanks, ladies! Tried my luck at a different thrift shop in town today on my way home from work: found a Carstens Ankara decor vase…with three huge chips. What a shame. I draw the line at buying broken pottery though, so I guess you win some/lose some.

    • littleowlski says:

      Ah, that is a shame. I love the Carstens Ankara vases. I’ve found another black version recently which is amazing! And no chips! I will buy the odd vase with chips if they’re really small and the vase is really nice.

  5. What a cool idea the ‘shelf renting’!
    Maybe I should do it with the empty shelves in my cellar as well 😉

    The fatties look great, i would say definitely a bargain!

  6. ninon says:

    woah, what a find! and indeed, the idea of renting a place for a short period of time is really cool!
    I am a little broken at the moment, so I have to restrain from pot unting a bit… but my hands are so itching for the opening of the Flohmarkt season!!!
    love what we can see of your apartment behind the vases 🙂

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