Start of Fleamarket Season

I’m proclaiming this based solely on the warm spring weather we have been having this weekend and the fact that the fleamarket was busy yesterday for the first time since autumn.

There were a few interesting pottery items to peruse, but this was the only undamaged one. I believe it’s a Scheurich floor vase (decor “Europa”?)It’s marked 268-40.

This one is unlikely to set a die-hard West-German pottery nerd’s heart aflutter because it lacks the desirable crusty, bubbly lava glaze and outlandish colour combinations that make West-German pottery so eccentric. I like it because it goes well with the other pops of red throughout our apartment. The elderly lady I bought it from had the same vase in mustard yellow, but it was chipped along the base.

No, not the most accomplished vignette, even by my standards; there’s something to be said for placing a floor vase on the floor. I think this one will eventually find a spot in our bedroom.

Finally, as so often in the last few months, our hearts go out to the many people affected by the latest string of horrendous natural disasters.



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4 Responses to Start of Fleamarket Season

  1. Mdvanii says:

    Hi,…we have several of the red vase you just found, they came in several colours. The one in mustard is very nice (I think it’s my favourite), as it’s a matt finish…these are by WEST KERAMIK and have the small round gold sticker on them….

    The jug you have in red and oatmeal, pus yellow and cream….we have one in a matt hot chocolate au lait with sgrafo drawing on it….is yours marked?

    I don’t know about you, but spring brings out all the Fat Lava in me and I find it very excitng to find them outdoors as opposed to inside in paces like thrift shops, although a dust covered treasure is always a welcome sight…

    I am really enjoying your blog….thank you.

  2. lavalotti says:

    Hi and thanks so much for identifying! The jug on the very left of the shelf in the picture is very faintly marked 315. I have always assumed that it’s Ruscha (the size up from Ruscha’s 313.) I am definitely excited about the tentative spring beginnings; nothing beats finding a vase at the fleamarket and then stopping by at the florist’s on the way home to get flowers for it!

  3. Fat Cat says:

    Are you kidding me ?! Not exciting enough for Fat Lava fans ?! That vase is to die for… huge, patterned and RED. What could be better ?

    PS. In case you haven’t already guessed, I’m very jealous of your find 😉

  4. lavalotti says:

    Hehe, thanks! I’m a sucker for red pottery too. 🙂

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