Fleamarket Loot

In addition to my usual, down-the-street-from-us fleamarket haunt, we hit a fleamarket in a suburb called Vellmar this past Sunday. It took place around and inside the parking lot of a home improvement store (anyone in need of a schedule for future fleamarkets at this location check here.)

Yes, there was a lot of crap to behold. Why anyone would think that in the age of digital downloads it might be feasible to try and flog ancient DVDs for 5 EUR a piece is beyond me, and why anyone would even take the time to set up a stall (at a cost of 8 EUR per meter, apparently) to sell half-used, revolting cosmetics items also will forever remain a mystery. One man’s trash and all that…

Speaking of, I thought I crossed a certain line into the wild and dangerous regions of untamed bad taste when I decided to take this Dümler & Breiden (1122/22) home. It is, after all, so urn-like and slush-coloured. I was so worried over my apparent sanity blackout at the time that I even haggled over the already low price, something I would usually not do when the price is already more than fair. However, my collection is very low on Dümler & Breiden pieces and the combination of archaic, stylised vessel with those concentric, modern swirls seemed interesting to me. Now that it has been rescued from the dingy surrounds of the market, it’s holding its own quite nicely on my bedroom dresser, thank you very much.

Further in search of rainbow-hued fat lava glazes, I was rewarded with hues of upended Starbucks caramel latte with cream:

This monstrous, 45 centimetre tall Scheurich (shape 517) had several old paint splodges and splatters on it and was thus mine for 2 EUR. The smaller splatters came off very easily with a soft sponge and some dishwashing liquid, the large one required a bit of bold action involving nail polish remover. Note: I’m sure there are much gentler ways of going about unwanted paint removal on ceramics (and this is the place to ask how) but I was feeling reckless and impatient. It worked out very nicely, thankfully, and all paint splodges are now a thing of the past without any damage to the glaze. Here’s a pic of the vase in context with the furnishings around it (also the master bedroom, no space is safe from the encroach of the lava):

My last find of the weekend is yet another Scheurich, a 242/22 in chocolate brown (surprise me!) with a band of bright green (the reason for purchase.) I liked the guy I bought it from,when asked the price he exclaimed: “1000 EUR! Nah, just 1.”

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4 Responses to Fleamarket Loot

  1. Mdvanii says:

    This post really cracked me up…. Hilariously written….. Love reading your blog…. What draws us to a sludge-coloured pastische of mod and Etruscanania is beyond me but it’s so compelling….

    • lavalotti says:

      Haha, thanks, yes it is a very odd fascination to have. Strangely, the more I see of these vases the more I appreciate even the “ugly”, bonkers (or at least completely out-of-date, by today’s standards) ones.

  2. Monica says:

    Used cosmetics!? Eeww. Love the green Scheurich.

  3. littleowlski says:

    Let’s just pray for the days when they are worth 1000 Euros! Then we’ll all be in the money 🙂 Emma

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