Berlin Spring Finds

We spent the tail end of our recent mini vacation visiting my family in Berlin and, how could we not, hit a fleamarket together last Sunday. Fleamarketing (if this is not yet a word, it should be) is much more extensive in a city as large as Berlin, but dealers with inflated ideas of what their items are worth abound sometimes. Unsigned print of random forest scene in damaged frame and some staining on the canvas? “I need at least 50 EUR for it”. You at least need a reality check, buddy. Do I sound bitter? I love it, really. We did find some wonderful things in true fleamarket spirit…

Can you believe that this is my first Fat Lava planter? It’s a Bay Keramik one in great condition, no chips or cracks as is so often the case with heavily bashed about items like flower pots. And yes, the windows need to be cleaned quite urgently.

My mom fell for this flamboyant little piece of completely unmarked pottery:
Any ideas on possible manufacturers? I don’t even know if it’s German, although the thick, partly crusty glaze and colour combinations make me think it is.

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4 Responses to Berlin Spring Finds

  1. Monica says:

    I really need to get out to fleamarkets more often. I have been to a few, but most of the stands seem to consist of sock, hat or clothing peddlers. Very little actual fleamarket ware to browse. 😦 Windows, my least favorite thing to clean.

  2. Mdvanii says:

    Wow, these two new finds, especially the insane alien life form red and cream is simply amazing……it looks like Studio pottery because it is so biomorphic insane that it would be hard to imagine someone reproducing this in any sort of series…it’s amazing…..fantastic…i realyl enjoy reading your blog…always so much fun and I love your finds…thank you.

  3. Brismod says:

    I love your planter – that one is perfect for your teeny cactus. xx

  4. lavalotti says:

    Haha, it does look like some crazy alien thing, doesn’t it? You may be right about it being studio pottery. Monica, I’m putting off cleaning my windows for as long as possible…

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