Vintage BMF Bottle Openers

As children we’re often impressed by small, seemingly inconsequential objects, and so it was with me and my grandparents’ quirky bottle openers…

Both of these now reside with me and remind me of drinking Fanta while sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table, crayons and sketch pad at the ready on a summer afternoon.

Both the sea lion and the sparrow were made by BMF (of collectable interlocking, modernist candleholder fame) and feature the “Made in W-Germany” mark on the bottom. It is very difficult to find any information at all on these quirky 1970s bottle openers (were there other animals in the series, when did production cease?) If you desire one of your own to add a bit of retro charm to your kitchen, search German ebay and you shall find for under 20 EUR (search term: “BMF Flaschenöffner”.)

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4 Responses to Vintage BMF Bottle Openers

  1. Corry says:

    Your cute bottle openers remind me of the brass crocodile nutcracker my parents had. I remember playing with it and being fascinated by the mechanics of it.
    It must be so good to be having such lovely weather. The spring daffodils look great in your trio of vases.

    • lavalotti says:

      Ooh, a crocodile nutcracker is even better! Amazingly those daffodils lasted a good long while; the sunshine’s in hiding today though. We’re hoping for another warm weekend!

  2. Anonymous says:

    there are also dolphin bottle openers.
    And the sparrow and the sea lion were available in gold or silver.
    I’m not sure if there were golden dolphins though, I have only seen silver ones yet.

    • lavalotti says:

      Hi and thanks for commenting! I have never seen the dolphin one before but would probably snap it up if I found it at a fleamarket. I use the two openers that I have all the time.

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