Spreading the Love

Perhaps alarmingly, I seem to be regressing in my fleamarket purchases and snapping up objects I remember from my childhood. The latest example of this particular craziness is one of my fleamarket finds from Saturday, a vintage West-German punchbowl set by Wächtersbach in one of their most successful decors, “weiße Herzen” (white hearts, 1970.)

While nobody in my family ever owned an entire set of dishes in this decor, there were several mugs floating around (not literally) in my grandparents’ household that I fondly remember drinking hot chocolate from. Well, now we can have 6 people around for Erdbeerbowle. I wish we had a garden! We’ll have to cram onto our balcony.

As kitsch-tastic as it is, I find the pop art colour combination and pattern together with that almost Oriental spire of a lid unbeatably cheerful. I need more cheer, people!

In other groundbreaking news, we spent the weekend readying the balcony for planting and giving our cacti and succulents a day in the sun. The huge blue vintage planter in the front was another Saturday fleamarket score. It has a crusty glaze, but no marks whatsoever on the bottom.

Here’s hoping that the gloriously sunny weather we have been having for the past 3 days lasts a while longer. Happy Sunday!



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3 Responses to Spreading the Love

  1. littleowlski says:

    I love your punch bowl set! I’m 99% sure your planter is a Roth one…. Enjoy the sunshine, it’s been glorious here too! Emma

  2. Brismod says:

    All your finds are fabulous. Love that planter! xx

  3. lavalotti says:

    Hey guys, I have been very happy with fleamarket season so far. Emma, thanks so much for the ID, I had absolutely no idea who the manufacturer for the planter might have been.

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