Scheurich Jura

Sometimes even the most widespread of ceramic decors eludes me in my collecting efforts. One such example has been Scheurich’s popular “Jura” decor from the early 70s (also called the snail pattern by collectors for obvious reasons.)
Let’s be honest here, the snail pattern is all kinds of awesome. Is it an ancient fossil find, is it a retro vase, who knows? In any case, my first Jura vase also coincides with the first all white West-German pottery piece I have added to my collection. Unsurprisingly, it works pretty much wherever you plonk it down.
I hope further vases with this particular pattern are in my future as I have seen groups of them displayed to great effect by other collectors. Which vintage find (pottery or otherwise) have you been trying to track down lately?

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4 Responses to Scheurich Jura

  1. Mdvanii says:

    I love this pattern too… White is so snow-y and modern art looking but those intense lava coloured ones are amazing too… Mustard, sang de boeuf and moss are so rich. You are right they look great in big groups with twigs preferably black coming out of them…. I hope you find more for your collection… Again thanks for the blog I really enjoy reading it!

  2. Mdvanii says:

    I find rare things but what I want is Scheurich 401-28 … I almost never find that one and it’s the one I really want… Oh and doll clothes from the sixties and seventies like Sindy… Don’t find them anymore…. Bummer!

  3. lavalotti says:

    I love 401-28 too and never seem to find them either. I wonder if those handles were more prone to breakage than other shapes. Check out this picture of someone’s collection of these :
    Scheurich 401-28

  4. littleowlski says:

    White pots do tend to look good wherever you plonk them! They let other colours bounce off them quite nicely. I like this pattern too, but I like anything that looks like shells. Good one! Emma

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