100th post!

I know, can you believe anyone’s followed my ramblings for that long already? Well, thank you! I so enjoy all of your comments and am grateful for every reader. To celebrate, I have a little eye candy for you in the form of other people’s pottery collection displays…

image: apartmenttherapy.com

I like how the different colours of the book spines are reflected in the colourful glazes of the pottery in this picture. The next image comes from a new blog favourite of mine, design attractor:

image: designattractor.com

Aside from the teak (with which I seem to have a serious love affair) and the white vs. rainbow pottery groupings on the sideboard, the black lampshades in the fore and background are ticking pretty much all of my boxes.

Finally, I’m dismayed that I wasn’t previously aware of Forrest Poston’s eloquent and informative West-German pottery tutorials on YouTube. They’re a must-view for any West-German pottery enthusiast, especially if you’re new to this fledgling collecting field:

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3 Responses to 100th post!

  1. Brismod says:

    Well done on your 100th post! I love that second image! xx

  2. lavalotti says:

    Cheers! That second living room is so neat it puts mine badly to shame 🙂

  3. littleowlski says:

    Well done! Cause for celebration I think! I don’t reckon anyone ACTUALLY lives in those apartments – they’re far too stylish!! My house looks like a pottery factory has exploded in it… don’t even get me started on the amount of dusting and hoovering that is needed to keep it looking anywhere near neat! Emma x

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