Weekend Fleamarket Haul

The weather’s so-so, but there was enough fleamarket action today for me to pick up a few goodies.

“No more brown pottery!” I exclaimed on the way to the fleamarket. Well, you can see how that went. I thought the pattern, glaze and shape on this Bay Keramik piece were so attractive that I ignored its lack of colourfulness.

This (presumably Scheurich) floor vase is a whopping 53-centimetre beast that looks like it is covered in barnacles after having been dredged up from the bottom of the ocean (model 284-53.)

This colour combination is difficult to beat in my opinion (marked 1268-27):

I hesitated about this pair for a while because of yet more orangey red entering the homestead, but the appeal of this vibrant Bay Keramik couple (71-17 and 70-20) won out. This picture was snapped before I scrubbed them clean; they were absolutely filthy.

Finally, I was happy to locate a matching vase to the Roth planter we picked up last weekend (thanks for the I.D., Emma!)

Were the fleamarket/car boot/yard sale gods kind to you today?

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5 Responses to Weekend Fleamarket Haul

  1. Kim says:

    Wow- what finds! Garage sale season has not arrived yet here in Ottawa. Still too cold. Having said that, I doubt that I would ever find that many nice pieces in one day out. I envy your location lol.

  2. Mdvanii says:

    Wonderful finds! I love each piece…..the colourful vase is especially great….but the textures on each piece is superb. Congratulations!

  3. lavalotti says:

    Thank you, I was very happy with my loot today 🙂 Kim, you need to book a trip to Germany!

  4. Brismod says:

    That’s a fabulous haul. If I had seen those at a flea market I would’ve bought them too! xx

  5. littleowlski says:

    No problem for the ID, Lottie! We bought the exact same Roth pot on our latest road trip. Pictures should be coming up soon… Once we’ve recovered from the big unpack! Love your finds, well done! Oh, and I like the Easter eggs in your other post. I didn’t realise Easter was such a big thing in Germany! Emma x

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