Handpainted Russian Easter Eggs

Let’s hear it for blog titles that get right to the point! I picked these up at the fleamarket on my last visit to Berlin. There is a large Russian community in Berlin, so sellers with beautiful selections of traditional, handpainted Easter decorations are not an unfamiliar sight. Pricing always seems extremely reasonable to me (I paid 1 EUR for each and could have haggled) considering that these are handcrafted little treasures that are more likely to end up as family heirlooms than mass produced plastic garbage.

Womble planning his next stealth attack on the decorations.

People with cats obviously have no business hanging little wooden eggs onto branches, not unless they want to find them under sofas, chairs, or basically anywhere but on said branches.

This year we’re spending Easter alone, but I’d still like to make something somewhat special for lunch or dinner on the day…any good last minute ideas? How are you spending Easter?

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