Behold the only thing I took home today…from two fleamarkets. Everything but everything was either too ugly to consider buying (yes, even I have my limits) or chipped. Ah well, this Ruscha 313 jug (Kurt Tschörner design) is a worthy only purchase. I spotted it 10 seconds in underneath piles of stuff in one lot of about 30 cardboard boxes. Boxes like these are always worth pawing through because you can usually be sure that prices are going to be low…sellers like these price to sell and bank on moving a lot of small stuff. The only downside to this approach is that breakables do get knocked around… luckily my little Ruscha jug is unharmed and perfectly ready for a life among its peers on my teak side tables.

My husband picked up the above 70s planter at a fleamarket two weeks ago but has only now found the perfect cactus resident for it.

Our Roth planter find from a while back now houses The King Of Succulents (excuse the sofa pillow mess and cables)…

…and the herbs are in the process of being planted. That rosemary will be much sparser tomorrow after it gets a pruning for our Sunday roast. Good luck with whatever your Saturday shenanigans may be!

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4 Responses to Weekend

  1. littleowlski says:

    Good find on the 313! They sell for loads in England, so if you ever get bored of it, ship it over here! x

  2. Fat Cat says:

    Fantastic find – the Rusche 313 !!! So far they keep eluding me, sneaky bastards 😉

    And of course, I love nothing more than some greenery in a WGP planter. Awesome !

  3. sevenstarsimages says:

    congrats to the Ruscha one, a really lucky find! 🙂

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